Trolling And Healthy…Those 2 Mix, Right?

How to Make Sure Your Trainer Understands Your Fitness Goals

The tuning between you and your trainer should be perfect if you want to ensure that he understands your fitness goals. both of you should have mutual respect for each other and your trainer should have the appropriate qualifications to be teaching you the correct exercise moves.

Whether your fitness objectives comprise of joining the 6 week challenge, gaining muscle mass or building up your endurance, here are some things that you should totally take care of while communicating your fitness objectives to your personal trainer.

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Communicate your medical history

Your trainer should totally know your medical history otherwise it’s very difficult to formulate the correct training routine for you. If you have hypertension, chronic aches, muscle pulls, cardiac problems or asthma/ breathing disorders etc then these medical problems will have a severe effect on your health. Your fitness activities will have to be worked out in a manner so that these problems are not aggravated.

On the other hand if you have certain health issues like soreness of lower limbs or stiffness of joints then you need to communicate your problems to your trainer. Muscle therapy will allow the surrounding muscles around the affected area in healing and becoming stronger.

How You Can Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

Lots of people want to lose weight, but few people want to follow a strict diet. Diets are incredibly stressful, and can be hard to stick to. Many people who try diets don’t wind up getting lasting results.

Thankfully, there are a number of other good options. For some people, making small changes to their lives can help them slim down. Instead of dieting, they can find little ways to become more active, or drink water instead of juice and soda. This little changes can really add up, and can help people shed a few extra pounds.

Supplements have also helped many people to lose weight. A lot of people have managed to slim down by taking green tea extract. This supplement has the power to boost the metabolism naturally. The research that’s been done on it has been very positive, and it’s received many positive reviews. Also if all else fails, surgery like a tummy tuck is always an option. One of the best tummy tuck surgeons in Columbus, Ohio stated a 90% success rate with his tummy tuck work.

Another surgeon down in San Antonio does liposuction and states an 68.9% success rate with his work.

If you want to lose weight, try making other changes before you try a diet. Start taking a nutritional supplement, and find ways to increase your levels of physical activity. Before long, you’ll see your waistline shrinking. Diets aren’t the only way to lose weight. Sometimes, small changes are all you need.

Stephen Amell’s Personal Trainer Provides Him With Specialized Workouts

Who does the hottest hunk in Hollywood call when he needs to get into shape? Well, if we’re talking about Stephen Amell, that is personal trainer Ashley Borden. She is the so-called architect of Stephen Amell’s famous abs as written by FitMole, and is deserving of a large amount of the credit for his amazing physique.

When asked about Stephen Amell’s nutritional habits when he has been attempting to bulk up and build muscle for a movie role, Stephen Amell reveals that he usually follows a super high calorie diet – but were not talking about cheeseburgers and milkshakes here. Rather, Amell consumes dense whole foods such as lean proteins, green vegetables, and high-fiber fruits. These clean eating staples are the building blocks that Stephen Amell’s amazing physique is built from.

When it comes to Stephen Amell’s specific workout routine, Ashley and Stephen Amell focus on building movement patterns that keep Stephen Amell on his toes and keep his muscles working. Such moves as lunges (both forward and reverse), push ups, pull ups, and the like are specifically tailored to the areas of the body that Stephen Amell is working on at any given moment, or to train for any given role.

When it comes to weight training, Ashley reveals that Stephen Amell achieves those gorgeous muscles the same way that anyone else has to – he works quite a bit with dumbells and does a lot of lifting. Not only that, but he has been known to wear a weighted vest through an entire workout!

Lastly, Stephen Amell and Ashley focus on building the strength in Stephen Amell’s core, because no matter what part of the body he is working on for a movie, everything is always based on core strength! If you have a strong core, you can branch out anywhere from that.

Of course, no regular person is likely to be able to develop a physique (unless you’re Thor then you can use Chris Hemsworth’s workout regime) as stunning as Stephen Amell’s – but maybe that’s only because they don’t have Ashley Borden on their side.

The #1 Secret To Jumping Higher

If you want to jump higher when playing basketball, there are a lot of things you can do to improve your strength, stamina and endurance so that you can really attain some height when jumping (check this out -


One of the best things you can do is eat a diet that will support the development of these characteristics. If you want to jump high, you have to have core muscles and leg muscles, and you also have to have an efficient, strong heart. For this reason, you need to focus on cardio workouts and eat high quality sources of protein that will help you build strong muscles. Lean meats, fish, poultry, beans and lentils are good sources of protein. You could also add a protein powder shake to your daily diet for a boost of protein.

If you are going to jump high, you need to have strong bones. That’s why it is important to add some weight bearing exercise to your routine and take in plenty of calcium in your diet. Weight bearing exercise strengthens and builds bones.

Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese provide your body with calcium to feed your bones. Again, a protein shake made with milk will help you get the balance of calcium and protein you need to jump higher when you play basketball.

Your bones are connected by joints, and it’s important to keep your joints strong and flexible. Be sure to get plenty of healthy, non-hydrogenated oil in your diet. These include flaxseed, fish, cod liver and olive oil. These help keep your joints lubricated to move freely and comfortably when you run and jump.

Add plain gelatin to your diet to help keep the cartilage in your joints strong. This is what cushions your joints. You can add a tablespoon of plain gelatin to your protein shake or to soups and other dishes.

Eat a hearty, healthy diet consisting of whole foods and lots of pure filtered water and you will be in great health. Add appropriate supplements such as protein powder as needed. Maintain a balanced workout routine that gives you ample cardio and weight bearing and be sure to get ample sleep every night. Follow these tips to be your best and jump your highest when playing basketball.

Foods That Will Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

I have always wondered if there was a fool-proof way to get rid of stretch marks. Throughout the time that I have had them, I have researched all of the likely candidates – creams, gels, supplements – anything I could think of.

The one thing that I never thought to look into was whether or not there might be foods that I could eat which would help to eradicate those unattractive stretch marked white streaks on my skin. Now that I have looked into the matter, I am even more curious than ever.

It seems to stand to reason that the things that you put inside of your body would naturally effect the outside of your body, especially your skin. Since that makes sense, then why wouldn’t it be possible to find foods that would get rid of stretch marks if I looked hard enough for them?

I have been thinking that a good place to start my serious research would be on question and answer websites, as well as on internet discussion forums. I am sure that the beauty experts that post on those two types of venues will be able to help!

Safety Tips for Outdoor Workouts at a Bootcamp

Of all the fitness programmes available nowadays, boot camps have really created a special niche of their own. This is because only a boot camp offers your time-bound, result-oriented workout schedule that is guaranteed to help you achieve your fitness goal.

But in order derive the maximum benefit from Sydney Park boot campyou must attend all sessions and complete your program on time. You can do this by exercising safely and correctly so that there is little chance of injury.

Be Absolutely Frank with your Sydney Park boot camp Trainer 

If you want each and every session to be safe and suitable, your trainer must know everything about your health. Do not conceal anything that may have an impact on your training. Disclose all facts about medical conditions or restrictions imposed by your physician. Share information regarding your diet and lifestyle.

Your trainer will create a workout plant that is suitable for you depending on such information. This way, you can complete your boot camp session safely and without the risk of injury or illness.